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glaze workshops in europe, uk, ireland

updated fri 11 apr 03


Ian Currie on thu 10 apr 03

Greetings all

At present I'm moving towards the end of my current tour of the USA,
with two more to do here in Hawaii... arrived last night. It's a hard
job, but somebody's got to do it.

Right now I am putting together a tour of Europe and the British Isles.
I already have workshop commitments for Germany and The Netherlands,
and working on several in the UK and Ireland.

So I am asking for expressions of interest from anyone who would like to
host one of my workshops for your group, whether that be a ceramics
department or a pottery club or guild. Perhaps you run a ceramics
supply business or a commercial pottery and would like me to conduct one
of my glaze workshops there. Basically all I need at this stage is one
person with e-mail willing to be the organizer.

If you want to get a message to me please do not choose a "Reply" to
this e-mail... It would go to Clayart and I will probably not see it as
I am not usually able to stay on Clayart while on-tour. Please e-mail
me directly at:

Many thanks

Ian Currie