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brushes at a good price

updated sat 12 apr 03


Pheetie@AOL.COM on thu 10 apr 03

Hi All,
I have a friend who owns a paint your own pottery shop. She buys Aqualon
brushes, but has to buy a very large quantity. Does anyone know of a source
of Aqualon or other good brushes that doesn't require such a large purchase?

Thanks for your help.
Marcia in Chattanooga

Mac and Judi Buchanan on fri 11 apr 03

Creative Hobbies Inc. is a ceramic supply wholesaler selling only to shops
and ceramic businesses. They carry a full line of brushes with a 40%
discount as well as tools and glazes etc. A fifty dollar minimum per order
is not hard when a glance at their $5 catalogue lets you find several
hundreds' worth of supplies discounted 40 to 60 percent. Their toll free
number is 1-800-the kiln.
I have no connection with this business except as a satisfied customer.
Judi Buchanan