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jonathon bancroft-snell gallery, london,

updated sat 12 apr 03


Helen Bates on thu 10 apr 03

ON (Was: Re: Wee wee and vinegar)

I had a little trouble finding the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery.
That's because I was looking for the spelling "Jonathan" with "than"
instead of "Jonathon" with "thon."

The web site address for the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery in London,
Ontario is here: .
To bypass the animation page use:

Images for "The Art of the Casserole" show (April 6, 2003 to May 17,
2003) are limited to one composite of five casserole forms. The pieces
look interesting, and I hope more images are put online sometime soon.

A major show at the Jonathon Snell Gallery is still online: "A matter
of Clay" Ceramics by Canadian Artists.

British Columbia
Meg Burgess, Walter Dexter, Gordon Hutchens, Pamela Nagley-Stevenson

John Chalke, Carol & Richard Selfridge, Barbara Tipton

Anita Rocamora

Karen Dahl, Kathryne Koop, Allan Lacovetsky, Valerie Metcalfe, Kevin

Monika Burrell, Mimi Cabri, Tony Clennel, Shiela Clennel, Shirley
Clifford, Bruce Cochrane, Heather Daymond,
Angelo di Petta, Marianne Fisher, Joseph Hubbard, Dale Mark, Ann
Mortimer, David Moynihan, Shane Norrie,
Bernadette Pratt, Monica Roberston, Noel Sargent, George Shadford, Laura
Taylor, Robert Tetu, Terry Wright,
Jane Wilson

Mahmoud Baghaeian, Alain Bonneau, Josee Drouin, Denise Goyer, Vera Vincente

New Brunswick
David Eastwood, Peter Powning, Peter R Thomas

Prince Edward Island
Peter Jansens

Nova Scotia
Doug Bamford, Joan Bruneau, Ying-Yueh Chuang, Neil Forrest, Sarah
MacMillan, Kathi Thompson

Isabella St. John, Laura Sheppard, Reed Weir

Northwest Territories
Astrid Kruse

Nunavut (Quite unusual - vessels informed by the inuit sculptural
Charlene Adams, Roger Aksadjuak, Pierre Aupilardjuk, John kurok, Yvo
Samgushak, Lucy Sanertanut, Tattuinee

Another show at the Snell Gallery was the "Beyond Ground Zero was a
show", at King's College Library for the 20th anniversary conference on
grief and bereavmen. Some pieces are ceramic. Only about a third of
the thumbnails can be zoomed. These include pieces by ZsuZsa Monostory,
Shane Norrie, Shirley Clifford, Reed Weir, Heather Daymond, Ann Mortimer.


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