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don't panic (was: washington earthquake and gail)

updated mon 14 apr 03


Janet Kaiser on mon 14 apr 03

I just wanted to say how my heart gave a little leap... What? "Our Gayle"
in danger again? That last shake was "unusual", so what is going on...?!?!
Oh, my god... Then I recognised Gail's reply and the date... What a
relief!! I cannot say how much.

Yet Gayle and I have never met. We are just people in this ceramic village
called Clayart, but we have become real pals. Not just the superficial "hi,
how are you" sort, but really like long lost friends or even family who
just do not meet. We laugh and cry about the same things together... Even
have the odd rant about this or that. Strange, isn't it? The way mutual
trust and friendship can grow in this "new" environment. You just got to
let it... See the smiles and feel the person shining through.

It will be interesting to see/hear what went "wrong" with Bamboo Karen
"answering" a mail now _two_years_old. I suspect an ISP fault. I got a post
written in 1999 last week... Probably just the sender or our ISP messing
with crashes and re-installations or those CIA chappies getting it wrong
with the surveillance software.


Janet Kaiser

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