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british potter relocating to santa clarita, ca

updated thu 17 apr 03


Janet Kaiser on thu 17 apr 03

Kim Middleton, one of our "stable" of potters has just told me she is
relocating to Santa Clarita in California, USA. We will miss her and her
work... She has been exhibiting at The Chapel of Art since her early days
of being an exhibiting artist, so it is a sad loss.

But what is our loss, is a gain to some lucky folk in the USA! Funnily
enough, Clayarter Karen Sandlin, husband, sister and brother-in-law would
dearly have loved to take a Kim Middleton pot back with them to Florida
when they visited us last year, so at least it becomes slightly more
accessible. Karen, are you listening? Next holiday to CA, ok? :-)

You can see some of Kim's work on The CoA website... Just go to the
"virtual gallery" section. I was also wondering if there are any Clayarters
who would be willing and able to help Kim settle into the clay world of the
West Coast? She is a really nice person and makes lovely work, with
detailed carving, burnishing, terra-sig, smoking, sometimes gold lustre
additions to her fine hand-built vessels... I imagine she may also need
advice on local materials, suppliers and things like that, as well as
exhibiting, teaching and other opportunities. Maybe even local regulations
and other bits and bobs which vary so much from state to state, never mind
country to country. It will be a big change for Karen and her family from
living in Derbyshire, England!

Please mail me off-line if you are in or near Santa Clarita (I do not even
know which part of CA it is), or know someone who would like to take a
limey potter under their wing. I will gladly forward your mail.

Thank you

Janet Kaiser - on the hottest April day since records began... People
swimming and burning themselves on the beach all day... 27=B0C which is
about as hot as it gets here in the high summer! So the Wild Garlic on the
cliffs was braising all day and is sending off quite a pong even at this
time in the evening! Imagine those old Romans introducing it to Britain and
now what was thrown out with the swill from the Castle kitchens down the
cliffs is flourishing... "living history" if one thinks about it.
TRUTH is too precious to tell every fool who asks for it...
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