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guild seeks new members

updated fri 18 apr 03


Kay Howard & Phil Chaban on wed 16 apr 03

Hear ye! Hear Ye! The Jackson (Michigan) Pottery and Clay Guild is =
ready for new members to join! =20

The newly formed Jackson Pottery and Clay Guild will hold an =
informational meeting for prospective new members on April 21, 2003, =
from 7:00-8:30 pm, in the Multi-Purpose Room at Ella Sharp Museum, 3225 =
4th, Jackson, Michigan. The meeting will provide information about the =
guild, its activities and members. In addition, a Tea Ceremony will be =
performed, and everyone will have the opportunity to make a tea bowl. =
Membership is open to anyone with an interest in clay art. Current JPCG =
members include professional potters, hobbyists and beginners. For more =
information and to reserve a place at the meeting, please e-mail me off =
list at . Bring your friends!
The JPCG was formed to provide support and inspiration for the creation =
of ceramic art through camaraderie, networking, sales opportunities and =
educational experiences for those working in clay, and to develop =
community outreach and partnerships which provide an appreciation of =
ceramic art. Upcoming projects and activities under discussion include =
studio tours, raku and tile making workshops, educational programs and =
the second annual exhibit and sale.=20

Kay Howard in Grass Lake Michigan where I've been bitten by the tile =
bug. What fun!