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copper, cobalt, and rutile

updated sat 19 apr 03


Ned Ludd on fri 18 apr 03

Hi Cindy

About U.S. Pigment: I used to order my oxides from them, and yes I
too found their cobalt carb weak, but not as weak as the load you got
from the color of it. I adjusted to it ok. Then I ordered some red
iron oxide which turned out to be liverish crap. Ditto the more
expensive spanish red iron oxide which matched the plain RIO in every
way... fancy that! Luckily I used it first on just one pot - but
after making a 10kg batch - bah.
I now use a different supplier. No more discounters! Can't afford 'em.



Cindy Gatto wrote:
>Hi to all,
>I would like to make a comment on this because I did find a bad source of
>cobalt carb. Several months ago I posted something about this asking if
>anyone ever had the same problem I was having and someone did. [I do not
>remember who] I bought cobalt carb from U.S. Pigment at a great price of
>$19.00 a pound if I bought 10 lbs. It was that greyish lavender color you
>mentioned. It is very weak! If I use it I have to just about double it to get
>the same strength as the cobalt carb I get from my regular supplier . So I
>guess I have to disagree with you John there are differences depending on
>where you get it from. Be careful when you think you are getting a good deal
>you usually get what you pay for!
>Cindy Gatto/The Mudpit