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updated sun 20 apr 03


Sherry Walker-Taylor on fri 18 apr 03

I teach elementary art at a school in Atlanta, Ga. I will be in
London/area May 30-June 11/faculty summer sabbatical. Plan is to visit a
few schools/ceramic education, galleries and museums/ceramics, and would
like to visit ceramic studios to meet potters, see their work, take photos
of experiences. Information collected will aid in annual school exhibit I
am initiating, "Walker's Colossal Clay Experience."
Am interested in hearing from anyone in London/very close surrounding areas
who could offer suggestions on the above plans. Will be traveling with my
daughter,19. Will appreciate your responses.
Sherry Walker-Taylor

Penni Stoddart on fri 18 apr 03

> I will be in London/area May 30-June 11/faculty summer sabbatical.

Can we assume you mean London England? I live in London Ontario Canada and
can help out if that's what you mean but I think it's not!

Penni Stoddart
of Penelope's Pots
Full Time Education Assistant,
Part Time Potter

I live in my own little world.....but it's okay, they all know me here.

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Sherry Walker-Taylor on fri 18 apr 03

Yes, London, England. Sorry.

Russel Fouts on sat 19 apr 03


>> Yes, London, England. Sorry. <<

Glad you came clear, I know nothing about London ontario but plenty
about London England.

When are you going to be there again?

My "Potter's Portal" is
a good start but it's not country specific. However, if you start
searchng for British potters' names you will gradually work up some
useful links to potters and galleries in London.

I'll give you a few links to get you started:

Contemporary Applied Arts

Ceramic Review Magazine, their links page is excellent:

Crafts Council of Great Britain:

The Victoria & Albert Museum (WONDERFUL):
Go to their late openings, Every Wed. 6:30 to 10 (also last Fri of the

The British Museum:

Galerie Besson:

A lot going on in Hackney (London suburb): (Very good search site, newly updated):

This fairly good search site but not alot of detail




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