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exquisite brushes

updated mon 21 apr 03


Karen Sullivan on sun 20 apr 03

Several years ago,I started collecting some brushes that
were made by Bob Hovey, an artist who lives in Georgia. I
managed to collect about six, and they became my
favorite tools for decoration.
Bob's brushes are amazing, beautifully made
and perhaps the inspiration for my efforts
to make brushes....mine pale in comparison.

Perhaps a month ago, Bob contacted me to
explain his method for finishing the bamboo
in the making of his brushes. I have been
given the gift of his wisdom of materials through
several emails. It's been a treat to learn a small
portion of his brush wisdom.

So the purpose of this email....
Bob sent me a beginning web site with some images
of his brushes...I think the brushes he makes
are the smaller 7mm to 17mm,
there are images of more complex brushes that
were special projects.
I asked if he is willing to offer his brushes for
sale, and his reply was yes. need to visit his web site and
contact him for his amazing work.
His email is

below is his web site:

Bob Hovey bobhoveyga

An effort on my part to encourage
beautiful work and it's distribution into the
world of ceramic artists...