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design your dream--- wooden bowls

updated tue 22 apr 03


Alan Lent Sr. on mon 21 apr 03

When I was growing up(?), my grandmother always used wooden bowls for 'most
everything. The one thing she always did was use one bowl for bread,
another for salads, etc. This was because of the oil she used to season the
bowls. She usually used "extra virgin" olive oil for bread, etc. bowls
since it would flavor the bread the least. Walnut or other nut oils will
definitely flavor bread or whatever you put in the bowls. Wonderful for
salads, not nice for most breads, especially white breads. OK for whole
grain or nutty breads. Remember the bread, in order to rise, will be in the
bowl for several - 3 to 6 - hours, at least mine always is. This could
allow a fair amount of "flavor" to be absorbed into the dough. Almost any
vegetable oil will work to season wooden bowls, just think what they are
going to be used for.

Alan in Yuma where it is getting near to 90 now. Really nice!!