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greetings........ need bullet proof slip/glaze binder

updated wed 23 apr 03


Scott Barham on tue 22 apr 03

I am doing a lot of fairly aggressive physical treatment of surface

slip-combing-majolica-under glaze and would like to be
able to toughen up my 06 slip

gave CMC a shot .....may not be enough
has anyone used an acrylic or other binder additive to get either
an enrobe,slip or glaze to harden up
........mabey i shoud give peanut brittle a shot.....

thanks in advance for your
years of lonely testing

Scott in Canada

WHC228@AOL.COM on tue 22 apr 03

Dear Scott in Canada:
I knew a guy that went to school near here that used Elmer's glue.
I have used liquid starch, and that worked pretty well. It is cheap and you
can get it at your local grocery store.
Good luck.