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oil spoted tiles

updated fri 25 apr 03


Lily Krakowski on thu 24 apr 03

Linda: I really would do something about the manufacturer and the seller.
They sold you tiles meant for use in your kitchen, and these did not fulfil
that purpose. I do not know if it is worth your time and money, but I think
you should try...

Oil may be a neutral substance though,as Rob pointed out recently, about
wooden bowls, vegetable oils go rancid, and, I expect so would animal
fat--kosher or non-kosher. I recently put some quarry tile under one of our
woodstoves and was told--by someone I trust--that the best thing is to rub
Murphy's Oil Soap in. This is however for UNGLAZED tile.

I suspect the oil that is spotting DOES get under the tile, through the
grout. (Grout being a treacherous material in my experience. Or it may get
through the molding around the tile.

As to the grog--look at the thing through a stong magnifying glass!!!!
Hobart Cowles always insisted a magnifying glass was an essential glaze

Good luck!

Lili Krakowski
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Be of good courage....