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oil spot tile - now 'pig fat' - now 'neat's-foot oil', and...

updated sat 26 apr 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 25 apr 03

Hi Lily!

Indeed it is so...!

And 'Neat' if memory serve, is also the old word in English,
for Bovines...once spelled 'Neet' as well...yes?

The Oil of which name, (or the somewhat figurative term
anyway, as other things are often used as well,) comes from
the rendering of the Hooves (...hence 'foot')...

Caster Oil was also used in Aeronautical as well as
Automobile and Motocycle Engine Crankcases at one time. The
hot fumes of which, were sometimes known to promote an
enthusiasticly imminent of 'regular' constitution, wanted or
not...( not so convenient for Aviators...)

I hope you have kept your Ski outfits!

It would make me so happy so suppose someone might address
the 'slopes' looking smart and non-synthetic.

I have some rolls of film I found - people here at Mount
Charleston, Skiing before the War...
All twill breeches and knee-high lace-ups, eight-quarter
Caps, and dense shawl-collar Cardigans whose weave was like
'barley-corn'...Skis had those 'clips' to hold whatever Shoe
one had worn that day... nice...!

el vee

----- Original Message -----
From: "Lily Krakowski" > Well, Phil, FYI: Neatsfoot oil is used to this day, and a
great waterproofer
> and softerner (is that the right word?) it is for leather.
I also have seen
> and used pastes advertising that they contain mink oil...
> And, long ago, far away, the family ski boots (heavy
leather, nothing like
> the plastic ones today) were oiled with castor oil before
being stored....