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new to florida

updated mon 28 apr 03


Eydie DeVincenzi on sat 26 apr 03

Hello Clayart:

I have not posted on  Clayart for over a year -- been run ragged trying to care for aging parents. 


I have just moved from Maryland to Florida (Pompano Beach) and I am anxious to meet other potters here, to find some studio space, to find some local art activities, etc.  Someone told me once that there was a place like Torpedo Factory in West Palm Beach?


Right now, my schedule is flexible.  I am just looking for an excuse to drive around southern Florida (especially places like Naples, the Keys, Palm Beach, etc. ).  So, are there Florida potters on Clayart? 


Eydie DeVincenzi (

Too bad we can't bottle (or freeze-dry) some of this Florida sun and ship it to sun-deprived places like Portland Oregon.  Where is High Technology when you really need it!



Gina Dewar on sun 27 apr 03

I am not familiar with the Torpedo Factory but there is The Armory in West
Palm Beach. ( There is also a Pottery Guild in Miami
( There is a place with
shared studio south of Fort Lauderdale (Fire and Mud?)which I have also
found online but cannot find a link right now. You are close to the
Broward College and also Atlantic University in Boca which offers classes.
Welcome to South Florida!