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studio set up - claytimes article

updated sun 27 apr 03


Barbara Mueller on sat 26 apr 03

Vince's article this month about putting things on wheels works =
wonderfully. I have just built a compact studio this way which =
interfaces with a garage area where I can roll things in and out as I =
need them. I have one more addition to this concept. Most of my racks =
and tables came out of one of my companies machine shops. I also =
commondered two machinists roll-aways (draws with casters under them). =
One has my spray booth mounted on it, drawers contain all of the =
necessaties for that task plus storage for all of my kiln furniture. =
The other rollaway has my tools for throwing and handbuilding. These =
chests are portable, organized and look wonderful. =20

Try a used machinery/equipment supply place. Also I believe that Sears =
has annual sales on mechanics tool chests which would do the same thing. =
Check it out. Having rolling drawers will travel, literally from one =
end of your space to another.=20