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chris: online gallery additions

updated wed 30 apr 03


Ellie Blair on tue 29 apr 03

Hi Chris,
I am sending you four pictures for you to show in the online gallery.
My name is Ellie Blair and I do cone 10 crystalline glazes. My forms are
mostly bottles and vases ranging in size from 5" to 8". I have been
experimenting with creating halos in my glazes and am sending you an example
of this.
I have a degree in ceramics from the University of Kansas and work at home
in my studio. I am currently working on my web site and hope to have it up
and running soon and when I do I will email you the address. If there are
any questions you would like to ask feel free. I am not real good with
adjusting the size of my photos so I will leave that to you.
Thanks for the opportunity,
Ellie Blair
Lawrence Kansas

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From: "Chris Schafale"
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 5:39 PM
Subject: online gallery additions

> New additions to the gallery, in rooms 3, 4, and now 5, include Don
> Goodrich, Lois Sharpe, and Marta Matray Gloviczki.
> All are welcome to send up to three images for inclusion. In case
> you missed the first message, the idea is to share work that is new
> or that you are especially pleased or excited about. It's a way for
> all of us to see what the rest are up to.
> Please send .jpg images, and if you know how to edit images and
> want to do it yourself, crop them fairly tight, make them 400 pixels
> high, and compress to about 30K. If you don't know how to do this,
> just send me a good-sized image and I will be happy to
> crop/resize/compress it. (I just added more mailbox space, so if
> you have had trouble with trying to send something and not being
> able to get through, that should be fixed.)
> It's nice to also have a title, dimensions, and any comments you
> would like to include with each piece (firing atmosphere,
> techniques, glazes, what excites you about it, whatever). If you
> have a website of your own, I will include a link to it from the
> gallery, as well as an email link, unless you tell me not to.
> Come on in, the water's fine!
> Chris
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