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grinding and terra sig - or, ball mill 'contaminations' and...

updated wed 30 apr 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 29 apr 03

Would 'contamination' not depend on the material of which
the Balls and Drum are made?
Or the rate at which they may be expected to erode?

If 'hard' ( Cone 12 or 14) Balls and much
'contamination' would we expect?

Or even if 'Steel' Balls ( as, disssused Large
'Ball-Bearing' elements) and a Steel Drum...would that
minute amount of Iron ( or, whatever the alloy may be of the
Steel) be an important worry?

Just wondering...

Las Vegas

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From: "Dewitt Gimblet"

> When I was at a Pete Pinnell workshop a couple years back,
he recommended
> against ball milling before the terra sig settling /
> process. He said there is always some non-clay particles
in the
> clay. Normally, these settle out fairly quickly, but not
if you ball mill
> the mix first. These non-clay particles will reduce
quality of the
> resulting terra sig.
> deg
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