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updated wed 7 may 03


stacey ballard on mon 5 may 03

Hi....I was just wondering......what percentage of people on this list do their ceramics as a business? Full time/part time? The reason I ask is, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of discussion on the business side of the art world.....I run my business part time, I am on my way to turning it into a full time business. I am looking for other who sell their wares.. I would love to have people to share ideas on this subject with. I just got the new Ceramics Monthly and there was a letter about mentoring in it. I think one of the most important thing we need to teach others (if they are interested in it) is how to market their art. There are so many artists out there, waiting for someone to knock at their door and say "you know I been looking for you...and the artwork that you do...let me pay you top dollar for what you have and support your living while you create more" Well, I have never seen it happen (I would love to, though) Marketing my art is 60% of what I do...and I need help...ideas, experiences, networking...anyone out here interested? Please let me know..... Stacey

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ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on tue 6 may 03

Stacey -

There are some internet forums that are more suited to the business aspects of arts
and crafts.

For discussions by working craft artists on all aspects of production, marketing and
sales go to : and click into the forum.

For answers to a ton of marketing and sales challenges go to

In both these places you will find full time and part time artists who are out there in the
real world marketing their work and helping each other with problems. They are both
mostly respectful forums with very little flaming. ( Well, maybe just a little flaming to keep
it spicy )

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