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blackbird slip

updated wed 4 oct 06


Bonnie Staffel on thu 8 may 03


I have used blackbird slip in this way to make a black slip glaze. I tested
10 - 15 - and 20% additions of whiting. I used the melted blackbird/barnard
slip for the purpose intended. Makes a great black glaze without using
cobalt. Doesn't move or do anything but sit there and be black. I fired to
Cone 9 ox.

Regards, Bonnie Staffel of Charlevoix, MI.

Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on tue 3 oct 06

I am looking for a few bags of Blackbird (Barnard) slip (NOT the
substitute), if anyone has or knows of some they would be willing to sell.
I am in Pennsylvania.


L. P. Skeen on tue 3 oct 06

I think Campbell's carries it; I'm supposed to pick up a bag this =

L. P. Skeen, Summerfield NC
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From: Mert & Holly Kilpatrick=20

I am looking for a few bags of Blackbird (Barnard) slip