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russel's question re lighting

updated mon 12 may 03


Bacia Edelman on sun 11 may 03

Hi, Russel:
If somebody could let me know the date of the issue which
has that article, I could try to hunt it down.
I may have already written you, Russel, that in my
light for slides situation, I have a box, open at the
top with mylar at the bottom and two sides trapezoid
shaped so that the top opening is smaller than the base.
But the KEY to control of light (and I don't use a strobe;
I use a 500 watt flood which is lowered into the box)
is that there are screweyes at the 4 lower corners
of the box which allow heavy cord to raise or lower
front and back as the cord goes through larger screweyes
up above, in my case : basement rafters. And then I attach
the cord to what-the-heck you call those thingies to hold
the box in position. I also use cardboard affixed to
the back of the box which acts as a "barn door" to get
the background to start at dark and go to light in
foreground. Now you have all my own secrets about how
I do slides and snapshots of my or others' work, but
if noone has offered John's article by now, please, someone, give
me the date of the issue.
Regards, Bacia
Russel Fouts on sun 4 may 03 (russel.fouts@SKYNET.BE)

Does anyone have the second installment of John's article about
photographing your own pots from Clay times? Could the photocopy and
mail it to me?

I have the first article and the update but not the issue containing the
second installment, and it's not available as a back issue from CT.

The main question I think might be answered by that article is how high
above the object being photographed should the soft box be hung if you
have a 400w strobe?

Thanks in advance


Bacia Edelman
Madison, Wisconsin