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updated wed 14 may 03


Ian Currie on tue 13 may 03

Greetings all

I am currently putting together the next tour which will start in Hawaii
in early August, move on to the US mainland late August and September,
and then across to Europe late September and October.

If you know someone in your local area who might be willing and able to
host a 2-day workshop on my behalf, for around 20 people, please let me
know. Send your reply directly to
PLEASE do not send it as a "Reply" to this e-mail as it will go to
Clayart and I might not see it.

My workshops explore new glazes and glaze theory using my Grid Method.
The first day is taken up mostly by making up several sets of glazes.
There is a firing (or several firings) overnight and on the second day
we assess the results and I fill in the theoretical background of the
method and of glazes in general.

There is plenty of stuff in the Clayart archives about my workshops, and
there is a heap at my website about them and the Grid Method. The web
address is below.