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the new crystal glazes book

updated fri 16 may 03


Ababi on thu 15 may 03

To be fair- because it will take me too weeks more to finish the book:
It is a good book. The there are some better and some less good parts.
There are too many recipes. They say some of them worked for them and some not.
So why bother?
The crystal fire is relatively expensive work: Requires the best claybodies, high fire,
long firing while using half kiln space of the kiln. It would be better if there would be
less basic recipes.
Last week at 01:00 when I set in my studio waiting to the kiln to arrive down to 1055C
I read in the book how "one of us goes in the middle of the night to set his kiln to the
soaking, at least I knew I was not the only one that had done it.
There are more good technical explanations.

If you are 20 rich and mad and have some kilns - This is the time to investigate
crystal all the ways.
if you are 57 poor and mad you must have some compresses:
Fire to a lower cone (SIX) Choose one to four bases.
Choose the claybodies that these glazes turn out good on them.
Every color might looked different and every claybody might cause a different look.
My way is as follow instead of investigating many glazes and different soaking times I
choose the glazes that look best on my 3 hours soaking at 1055C. Like I am shooting
with my gun and paint the circles afterward.
Read the books but do what good to you.
The last sentence: the book is written very ecstatically.
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel