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subject: re: motor oils toxic?

updated sat 17 may 03


iandol on thu 15 may 03

Dear Friends,
Other than "Natural Mineral and Vegetable Oils" Automobile lube oils =
contain other substances to do the things that are needed by the Engine. =
Besides being slippery so that the engine parts can rub along without =
wearing each other out. Oils also help to remove some of the heat. They =
also wash the cylinders and collect unburnt fuel, carbon, additive =
residues and bye products of burning fuel and also the oil. One of the =
materials put in to act as a detergent is Lithium Stearate. This can =
have a beautiful effect on the bricks of the Bag Wall of a kiln in which =
Sump Oil is used. If it is old oil it will also have Lead as a residue =
and the new LRP stuff has Manganese in it or so we have been told.
So there are three potential "goodies" to ponder on.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.