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updated wed 21 may 03


Janet Kaiser on tue 20 may 03

Eckhard and I spent yesterday evening with two artists whose "group" have
been awarded a substantial grant from the Arts Council of England for
looking into ways of developing a community art group (professional artists
from different media/fields) which will NOT involve any sort of committee
structure, but depends on the input of individuals as and when needed. This
is a serious study into the logistics and dynamics of working within a
group for the benefit of all, without the few suffering from burn-out
whilst the majority lie back and dream of England. It sounds like a great
idea and I really look forward to hearing the results, because Sheron's
experience is just about par for the course in many (most?) groups.

For example, it would leave the one/s who always talking about doing all
sorts of stuff, but never lift a finger doing what they say they are going
to do completely out in the cold talking to themselves/each other. The one
who usually ends up doing all the work, could not, because they would only
have a remit for doing what they are especially good at doing (whatever
that may be). The one who is always too timid to say anything let alone
undertake anything, would slowly build up their confidence by tackling
small, then increasingly larger and more stretching tasks... And so on...
Anyone who has been part of a group will recognise the various "types" and
how they either strengthen or weaken the community. By concentrating on
empowering and enhancing the strength of each member "warts and all", so
the group could overcome the weaknesses inherent in the committee-led group
or guild system.

The dynamics within this active group will then "force" everyone to be
proactive at their various levels of competence and confidence. As I
understood (could be flawed, we were drinking wine :-) the whole concept,
Sheron would be an ideal candidate for such an organisation. Just take five
and combine for their benefit, without having to carry all the empty


Janet Kaiser

*** From: Sheron Roberts

>How many showed up to help hang that show, set up the
>reception, mail out invitations, type invitations, label, label, label
>everythng? The same five that will be at the meeting tonight.
>I am so ready to become a "one woman guild" as mel says.
>The only thing keeping me hanging on is my friendship with the five.
>Sheron in NC
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