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guild/group take five

updated thu 22 may 03


Sheron Roberts on tue 20 may 03

This sounds interesting Janet, let us know
the outcome of their findings. We have tried
various ways to involve the members especially
those who enter every show and usually place or win.
They are locals who could be active within the
guild but are not. Their intentions are good and they say they would =
just love to be more involved but.....

The path to the art center/meeting place is like the path to hell, it is =
paved with good intentions.
(Ok that's one from my childhood)

Oh well, maybe I am feeling a bit testy lately, I will be the big 5 - 0 =
in June, and I am feeling every bit of it.

Sheron in NC not just having hot flashes, but , POWER SURGES!!