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updated thu 22 may 03


Merrie Boerner on wed 21 may 03

When trimming the bottom of a cup about a month ago, I cut through the
edge of the foot. As an experiment, I tore up some tissue and mixed it up in
some slurry....then I just patched the hole. We fired that cup with wood for
40 hours on Mother's Day weekend and the patch came out perfect ! Shino on
the inside, and outside to the undercut bottom. The patched spot had no
glaze, no crack, no problem.....just nice flashing.
We also experimented with kelp draped around some shino bottles and
cups. We
think it caused major green carbon trapping ! Come see these results and try
other experiments in La Crosse June 12, as we fire up Karen Terpstra's kiln
at the First Potter's Council Workshop on Firing Practices !!! What an
exciting time we will have ! You thought the NCECA Peanut Butter skit was
clever.......Just wait until we put some on our pots ! "Wonder what that
will do?"
If you miss it, you will be sorry !
(Does that sound like an advertisement ?!?)
I'll be telling about all the things I have learned from mistakes made
building and firing my wood burning kiln : )
Merrie in Mississippi