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what's "sheet rock"/tile bats

updated thu 22 may 03


Longtin, Jeff on wed 21 may 03

Don't know if everyone is familiar with them but I have found styrofoam
sheets, as used by roofers, when laying down new roofs, make really great
"bats" for large flat plaster forms.
They're not absorbent but they are flat, amazingly so in fact, and they
don't warp from moisture. They're also really lightweight AND really strong!
A freshly poured plaster form gives off an emmense amout of steam, this
steam can cause wood to warp and blister. Not only is styrofoam water
resistant its also heat resistant as well.
The foam sheets I'm referring too are the blue or pink variety by the way. I
got mine from the roofing company across the street from my studio.

take care
Jeff Longtin

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>....drywall...people who make tiles use to dry them -
>lightweight, flat, absorbent.

It's great for that, and I also use it as the board
for building my sculpture on. The thicker types are
really sturdy. Work that takes a long time to build
can cause the paper to mildew, but considering the
price, I don't mind chucking some out now and then.

I used to use plywood to build on, but it can warp
when kept damp for a month at a time, it's pricier
to replace, and less convenient to cut to size.

By the way, plaster IS gypsum, and Sheet Rock is
just a brand name.


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