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crude mugs/ japanese aesthetic

updated sat 24 may 03


Rick Mahaffey on thu 22 may 03


Here, here!

Thanks for setting the record straight.


mel jacobson on thu 22 may 03

please remember, it is important, there is
no such thing as `one japanese aesthetic`.

it is a big country, and very sophisticated in
its taste for hand made pottery.

there are hundreds of `art movements` and
styles. please do not clump them into one idea.

people collect the work of thousands of potters.

some of it is finely crafted like the work of our
pottery in kyoto. some has the historical `farmer art`
quality of hamada. and, of course there are contemporary
movements based on american and european standards.

japanese potters study around the world, they travel
and have many influences. many are teaching and doing
workshops across america.

i get several fine magazines and books from japan each
year. they are filled with a variety of work. some very
contemporary, some very stylized, some historic...but,
the variety is vast. much of it, the average american
potter would not be able to identify as `japanese`.

so, be careful not to clump.
it is a big world out there, and there is no accounting
for taste. what i would like, you may hate...and

if any potter creates a following, has a clientele, and
can sell for high prices...well, good on them. because
you do not `like it`, does not make it bad. maybe
your eyes are not `well adjusted`.

remember, we are all critics. just some of us are
older, seen more, and whine more.
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