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inside teapots? what about casseroles ?

updated fri 23 may 03


iandol on wed 21 may 03

Dear Dave Finkelnburg,

I think I qualified things adequately, leaving the historic option you =
suggest as a possibility, according to the taste of the user.

But, as an aside I will tell you about my experience of Tea in WW2. Tea =
being severely rationed maximum use was made of every leaf by my =
Parents, Grand Parents and our Neighbours. Each time tea was made just a =
small quantity was put in the Pot, about a heaped salt spoon full. This =
joined all of the leaves from previous "Mashings". Scalding water would =
be poured over this fresh addition and the last remains of colour and =
flavour were leached from the residual herb. If there was need of more =
beverage, just hot water would be added to the pot. I suppose the pot =
was emptied about once a week. So those tea pots were well seasoned. But =
I drank cocoa.

Now, how about the inner contour of a Casserole? Should it provide a =
smooth clear run to the rim or the lip of the gallery to assist with =
cleaning. Or should it provide a catch beneath the gallery where food is =
collected to season the next meal?

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.