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oil burners - anne's question...

updated fri 23 may 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 22 may 03

Dear Anne,

Good for you...

A good place to look is... as Steve Eelkema had mentioned awhile

I also found some interesting web-sites useing searches such
as 'google' in which I has typed the words 'waste oil
burners' and similar...

Please recall too the Book as others had mentioned here of
Dennis Parks of the Tuskarora Pottery...

> Parks described and illustrated his waste oil firnig
system in his book,
by Pitman
> Publishing Limited, 1980, ISBN: 0 273 01498 6

I been buisy with other matters, so no progress in these
interests with me lately...

I cannot imagine any dangers peculiar to fireing with used

One could consider the viscocity one wants it to have, what
it may like to be 'thinned' with ( by experiment, maybe
'Diesel' maybe something else...) and whether it is worth
while to have one's batches roughly consistant so far as

In use, it may benifit from being warmed if the weather is
cold, and for the pipes as conduct it to be warmed as well
by 'heat strips' or the like...I'd pay heed to it's
viscosity in these ways if it were me.

I would initially let the Oil have some time to settle out
it's suspended impurities in a warm environ, and I would
filter it as well when decanting or syphoning it to whatever
storage container or reseviour, as will feed the Burner.

Good luck!

Keep us posted on your progress!

las vegas

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From: "Anne Novak"

John Britt's article in CM about firing with used cooking
oil has got me interested. I have an old 6 1/2 cubic foot
Olympic updraft propane kiln which I want to convert. My
knowledge of oil burner design is almost zero, so I'm hoping
Clayarters can point me in the right direction.

Does anybody have experience with this? Does anyone out
there know of a source for a good burner design, or perhaps
have a suitable burner for sale? Could I use a burner
intended for other oils, such as diesel, or used crankcase

Clarkson's burner system was designed to work in a kiln
which had already been heated to Cone 1 using wood. I would
be firing entirely with cooking oil, starting with a cold
kiln. I've heard that oil burns dirty in a cold kiln. and
clinker build up is a problem. Would I need to use forced
air? Would a vacuum cleaner work for this, or would I have
to buy an air compressor? (Noise could be a problem.)

Are there any specific hazards or difficulties associated
with burning cooking oils which I should know about?

Anne Novak