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updated sat 24 may 03


Sheron Roberts on thu 22 may 03

Ok Roly,
Apology accepted.
This guild has worked hard at keeping itself going.=20

Now as for getting "a rise" out of me,,,,,,,
somehow I think the Nanny Police could have
run with this one if they had caught it.

When I was taking clay classes at the college, my instructor announced =
to the class that I was going to
pull my first handle. The second year students began
to giggle and all eyes turned to me. As I pulled the handle=20
from the "carrot" of clay, the instructor made the remark that
it looked as though I had some experience, everyone starting laughing. =
I calmly sliced my handle from the carrot
grinned and said, What? You never milked a cow before!
Ofcourse this took the instructors innuendo into a completely different =

Sheron in NC=20