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pot garden

updated wed 4 jun 03


Nancy R Chestnut on sun 1 jun 03

Kool idea! I've got a perennial bed that, um, wasn't so perennial this year.
I could spread a couple bags of marble chips and plant some of my "old" pots
that are stored in the garage out there.

Nancy in Cincinnati

In the Mojave where Enrique used some pots from
my Ugly Pot Spot to mark areas where I want
holes dug for new desert plants. A dozen or
so small pots are out
by the front gate and along the fence. A young
couple who've recently moved up the road apiece
and pass our place daily, stopped to ask where
I got my "very unique" pots for my Pot Garden...
they want to "plant" one also. Took a look at
it later..... they're right..... no plants there..... just
sand..... does look like a Pot Garden. If I were
they, I'd have stopped, too....

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Valice Raffi on mon 2 jun 03

A bunch of years ago I took a photo of a pot garden in Carrizozo, New
Mexico. The pots were all laid out in rows.


in Sacramento where I finally got the blackberries cleared out from the
"south 40" and am getting ready to set up my raku and pit area. Might even
get the minigama built this summer.

Joe Coniglio on mon 2 jun 03

Very pleasant what better way to send the pottery back to the earth.