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grits - for ivor in uk

updated tue 3 jun 03


karen gringhuis on mon 2 jun 03

Ivor -

This thread is absurd and my participation will rain
down fire-and-brimstone on my head but here goes.

>Are we europeans missing something here??<

Speaking as a Yankee (Northerner)- NO! My husband
likens regular grits to wall paper paste with about as
much flavor until one doctors them up. (He prefers the
maple syrup approach.)

>John explained - "Grits are hominey corn, dried, and
gound coarse. Then boiled and otherwise cooked in
various ways."<

After all of this processing, any remaining food value
consists of virtually nothing but starch.

But......that said, yes, I eat them and yes I like
them. (A great Southern restaurant here in Chicago
serves them with yellow cheddar cheese thrown in - as
a side itme on many breakfast choices.) But I "do it
my way."

If, to begin with, one starts with a COARSELY GROUND
YELLOW (grits are basically bleached white) corn meal
which has some texture & life left in it, very similar
to that used for Italian polenta - cooks this in water
and adds personal favorites for flavor such as fresh
chives, grated cheese of any kind even cottage cheese,
a little plain yogurt for tang, chopped ham or bacon -
grits can be great.

In Europe you may have the makings of polenta readily
available. Someone recently reminded me that in
England "corn" is called "maize?"

Now you know much more than you wanted to!

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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