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"the best" pottery galleries, outside of usa

updated thu 5 jun 03


Lee Love on wed 4 jun 03

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From: "Janet Kaiser"

> As an international list, isn't this thread a little parochial and limited?

Don't whine Janet. ;^) Just give us your galleries in your neck of the
world. (It is my experience [online since 1985], that if you don't like a topic,
the best remedy is to start a new one.)

My favorite in Mashiko is the one I am currently showing at (of course),
Tsukamoto. It is related
to one of the oldest pottery factories in Mashiko. Actually, they have
several galleries in Town. We are at the best one.

The gallery ladies gave us two traditional Mashiko covered pots with
a traditional meal inside (rice with mixed meat, eggs and veggies on top)
yesterday. (we gave them strawberries and we got these meals in return) Was
pretty tasty. Traditionally, you put these pots and their covers on the
woodfire to heat. I put them in a pan of water on the stove. Still have the
pots as souveniers. Photographed the meals, will put them online later.

I also like Kanoya, Tooko, Togei Mura and Moegi.

You really have to know where to go to see good pottery in the galleries
in Mashiko. With 400+ kilns, the quality really varies. Much of it is
lifeless factory and "production" work. But at least 10% is really good (40
potters) and 1% show real creative genius (at least four " creative genius'" out
of 400 in Mashiko.)

I've been so busy with my apprenticeship, that I haven't been able
to be a good "host", but I have given folks a Mashiko map with the best
galleries and shops marked.

Lee Love in Mashiko, Japan

"You can observe a lot by watching."
. -Yogi Berra-

Marta Matray Gloviczki on wed 4 jun 03

i just received the invitation for the big opening at
the international ceramics museum in faenza, italy
where three of my pieces (YES! YES! YES!) are shown in
the exhibit:
"the shape between innovation and tradition".
unfortunately i wont be able to be there, so if anyone
from clayart is going to visit italy and travel around
faenza, please stop there, see the show and let me
know how is it...

marta (the proud)
ps;it looks like a really big event with five clay
shows, see descriptions below:

>>>> 2003 Great Events

The 2003 programme at the International Museum of
Ceramics in Faenza is characterized by great events.

“The Golden Age of Maiolica. Italian Ceramics from the
XV to the XVI century from the Collections of the
Hermitage Museum” is the title of the extraordinary
exhibition that, from June 6th to October 26th 2003,
will offer the possibility to see for the first time
outside Russia, a body of 125 ceramic masterpieces
from the main Italian Centres of the Renaissance of
the XV and XVI century.
The cultural initiative starts from the collaboration
between the Foundation International Museum of
Ceramics in Faenza and the Hermitage Museum in St.
Petersburg and has the aim to show the most precious
production of maiolica of the XV and XVI century
called “Golden Age”, from the main Italian Centres:
Faenza, Deruta, Gubbio, Casteldurante, Pesaro,
Castelli, Urbino and others. It is a unique
opportunity to admire works of art by well known
masters like Xanto Avelli, Nicola from Urbino, Giacomo
Mancini and the Patanazzi workshop, that at the moment
are not available for the public.

A joined exhibition is the 53rd International
Competition of Contemporary Ceramics, the renowned
Faenza Prize; it is the eagerly awaited event devoted
to the world of ceramics.

The side events will include the exhibition
“The shape between tradition and innovation".
A selection of works
from the countries part of the Competition” which
demonstrates the wide and enthusiastic participation
to the “Concorso”.
A solo-exhibition will be devoted to Ana Cecilia
Hillar, winner of the past “Faenza Prize”; the artist
from Argentina will show the works she has created
after her participation to the Competition.
Young Italian Students will take part to the
Competition “Ceramic Art” devoted to the Italian
Institutes of Art: the theme is “Tea for two”.

marta matray gloviczki

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