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another thought about galleries usa

updated thu 5 jun 03


Craig Martell on tue 3 jun 03

Hello again:

After responding to Janet's post I had another thought about international
ceramics and the exclusion of any others in favor of galleries and potters
in the US.

If someone wrote to Clayart and said: "There are some wonderful and very
important galleries in Japan that you should all give thought to visiting",
and american clayarters gave a negative response to this, then we would be
guilty of a narrow vision of clay and who or what was important. I don't
think we would do that.

My point is that if someone living in the US responded to this query by
giving examples of good US galleries they would not be guilty of
international exclusion. The door is open to anyone from any other country
to tell us about their galleries and potters and artists.

that's it, I'm done, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon