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galleries in the uk was re: "the best" pottery galleries usa

updated thu 5 jun 03


Carol Tripp on wed 4 jun 03

Ceramics Review, published in London, puts out a Gallery Map each year.
They call it a "guide to ceramics galleries and selected museum collections
across the United Kingdom." It comes free with the magazine, but I expect
one could order a copy via their web site. Do a google.
But, not all galleries are included. Janet's is not and I wonder why.
Perhaps galleries must pay to be on the map or they must advertise in
Ceramics Review. I do not know the politics of this.
Best regards,
Dubai, UAE

>Janet observed:
>>As an international list, isn't this thread a little parochial and
>>It may not have been intended that way, but you guys certainly know how to
>>effectively dismiss and exclude the rest of the world.

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