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oxford "in a potteryly manner"... and uk surfing with helen bates

updated fri 6 jun 03


Helen Bates on wed 4 jun 03

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From: Maurice Weitman
Subject: Visiting Oxford, London, and thereabouts in G.B. this summer

> My wife Celia and I will be visiting her sister in Oxford (England)
> beginning 7/18 for a couple of weeks this summer. We will likely try
> to find a room in London for a few days to a week, too.
> Can you point me to sources for interesting places (in a potterly
> manner) to check out while we're there?

Two thoughts on places to visit in the Oxford area:

Oxfordshire Craft Guild:

The OCG runs a Craft Gallery at Chipping Norton, 20 miles north of
Oxford on the A44
This site also has links to several area potters, including:
Clare Wratten; Selma Stagg; Jane Hanson; Sidney Hhardwick; Kirstie

Oxford Ware Pottery Kiln from Headington, Oxford: 3rd/4th century AD
The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock is on the A44, seven miles north of
Information about Oxfordshire:

Here are some of my other UK surfing results (including some from the
Oxford Craft Guild site):

Steve Harrison

Clare Wratten Ceramics

Kirstie Reynolds, KNR Cernamics - Hand Built Pottery

Sidney Hardwick - Sinks and basins

Richard Phethean (Banbury, Oxfordshire)

The Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen
Ineke Stevenson; Stephanie Redfern; Michele Marwood; Bridget Drakeford;
Tony and Sue Davies (Bredon Pottery)

The Somerset Guild of Craftsmen
John Harlow; Mary Kembery; Sue Masters; Stephen Mills; Martin Pettinger;
Paul Stubbs; Nancy Wells;

Rob Sollis

Lubna Chowdhary: Tiles, ceramics, murals, ceramica, carreaux, mosaic.



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