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fw: studio manager job description - opening

updated sat 7 jun 03


Diane Palmquist on fri 6 jun 03

Please announce the following job opening:
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From: Wesleyan Potters=20
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2003 9:52 AM
Subject: studio manager job description - opening


Please announce the following job opening:=20


Title: Studio Manager


Starting date: July, 2003


Location: Wesleyan Potters

Middletown, Connecticut


Wesleyan Potters is a craft school, run by a cooperative of about 100 =
members, offering classes year-round in pottery, basketry, weaving, =
jewelry, children's art, and occasional workshops in other crafts.


General Duties:

Loading and firing kilns (cone 10 reduction)

Ordering and maintaining supplies and equipment

General supervision, including cleaning, of the studio and =

Be a resource person for students and members

Possible teaching (depending on qualifications)

Supervision of studio assistant=20


Hours: Approximately 25-30 hours/week

Includes evenings and some weekends



We are looking for someone who has a thorough knowledge of high fire =
reductions kilns, glazes and clay, who has a strong commitment to =
pottery, who would feel comfortable working in the environment of a =
cooperative. Further details about the position are available upon =


Any interested candidates should send a resume by June 10 to:

Executive Committee

Wesleyan Potters, Inc.

350 S. Main St.

Middletown, Ct. 06457

Phone: 860-347-5925

Fax: 860-343-1096