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fw: woodfire slip question

updated sat 7 jun 03


Paul Herman on thu 5 jun 03

Hi Beth, and all woodfirers,

I'd bet the slip for leatherhard ware has a higher raw clay content than
the one for bisque.

In a slip I'm trying (80 Helmer, 20 Nepheline syenite) I calcined one
half of the Helmer and used it on bisque. There was no obvious
difference in fired result. When the all raw variety was tried on
bisque, it checked and flaked a bit.

As long as the slips have the same ingredients in the similar
percentages, I would expect similar results. Of course you can never
really be sure, except by trying them both.

Best wishes,

Paul Herman
Great Basin Pottery
423-725 Scott Road
Doyle, California 96109 US

From: Elizabeth Herod
Subject: Woodfire slip question
Date: Thu, Jun 5, 2003, 1:35 PM

OK, another question for the wood and salt firers. I have already read
archives about the flashing slip.

I=B9m attending a wood/salt/pit workshop in August. I have two recipes
flash slip, one for leather hard pots, and one for bisque.

How does the outcome vary between the two? Is it similar, different?

I can use the flash slip for bisque at the workshop, but I would need to
make the slip for the leatherhard pots and bisque the pots before I go.

Thanks for your help