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bats, edge sealing

updated sun 8 jun 03


Klyf Brown on sat 7 jun 03

duck tape will work well if you first use a foam/fabric spray adhesive
sprayed on the board and allowed to air dry for a minute or so. It is
basically contact cement, so that would also work.
Urethane would also work, but be prepared for it to soak in like
mad, the edges are very porous. Two or three coats will probably be
Klyf Brown in New Mexico usa

6/6/03 4:11:59 PM, Jennifer F Boyer
>I'm considering how to seal the edges to prevent silica dust.The
>textured back of the hardy board looks like it wouldn't let duct
>tape stick all that well. Taping is still an option but I
>might try a couple of coats of polyurethane on the edges. Wudya