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restoration england!/branston pickle

updated tue 10 jun 03


Lewis on mon 9 jun 03

Well, I wasn't sure what it wasn't (although I've eaten gallons of it, I
couldn't imagine there being any jelly in it, and I didn't recall currants)
and I didn't know what it is, don't have a jar handy, as Wifey and I are on
the Atkins diet.

However, as I had nothing better to do at 04.31, I've done a search on
Google for you using the simple words "Branston Pickle recipe" and found
dozens: none apparently use jelly or currants, so maybe what you were
describing is not Branston anyway.

Nevertheless for the curious, here is a list of ingredients (full
instructions on )

250 g carrots; 1 medium swede ; 4 cloves garlic ; 125 g dates ; 1 medium
cauliflower ; 2 onions ; 2 apples ; 2 unpeeled courgettes ; 15 sweet
gherkins ; 225 g dark brown sugar ; 1 tsp salt ; 60 ml lemon juice ; 350 ml
cider or malt vinegar ; 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce ; 2 tsp mustard seeds ;
2 tsp ground allspice ; 1 tsp cayenne pepper (optional) ; a few dashes of
liquid browning for colouring

and I found another apparently translated into American (instructions on :

2 medium carrot; cut in 1/8-inch dice; 2 cups rutabaga; cut in 1/8-inch
dice; 4 medium garlic cloves, minced; 16 pitted dates; cut in 1/8-inch
dice; 6 medium cauliflower florets; finely chopped; 2 medium yellow onion;
finely chopped; 2 medium apple; finely chopped; 2 medium zucchini; finely
chopped; 10 sweet gherkins; finely chopped; 1 1/2 pounds brown sugar; 3
teaspoon salt; juice of 3 lemons; 3 cups malt vinegar; Kitchen Bouquet;
as needed; 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce; 2 teaspoons mustard seed; 2
teaspoons allspice

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What is it? Just put some seeds in, harvest and canning will be along
sometime, what is recipe, already yet?

Lewis writes:

> Branston Pickle? Altho' there's no jelly in it ........ and I'm not sure
> about currants either come to that. Guess it's not Branston Pickle after
> all! But it is good with cold meat.

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