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surfing with helen bates - potters from five uk crafts guilds

updated fri 13 jun 03


Helen Bates on wed 11 jun 03

The Cornwall Crafts Association

Members with pages on Cornwall Crafts Association site:
Carol Scott;
(Earthenware clay, a lightly grogged terracotta, decorated with slips)
Peter Swanson;
(Reduction fired stoneware and porcelain, ash glazed celadons, self
built, gas fired kiln)
Nic Harrison;
(Studio pottery for domestic use - oven-to-tableware and individually
designed pots for exhibition.
Marylyn Hyde;
(Hand-built stoneware slab and coiled pots, incised, imprinted and
decorated then glazed and painted with slips, glazes and oxides)
Member with personal site:
Paul Jackson
(Vessels are thrown on the wheel, then altered and decorated)

The Devon Guild of Craftsmen:

Members with personal sites:
Nicola Werner
(White tin glazed red earthenware, painted with animal and plant forms)
Kati Vamos
(Smoke fired vessels and pots)
Penny Simpson
(Slip decorated thrown and slab made functional ware)
Christine-Ann Richards
(Porcelain vessels with crackle and monochrome glazes; large vitrified
earthenware pots and water-features)
Kate Mellors
(stoneware ceramics for the garden and conservatory)
John Leach
(Eldest grandson of Bernard Leach - wood-fired range of stoneware
kitchen pots)
Tim Gee
(Translucent thrown vessels using a shellac resist and sponging technique)
Lorraine Ditchburn
(Unglazed, textured porcelain which is made by slip-casting porcelain in
textured moulds)
Roger Cockram
(Individual pieces based on the natural world of water, animals, and
plants; also designs and helps make a range of high-quality, handmade
pottery for use in the home)
David Cleverly
(Handthrown, decorative, usable teapots, jugs, vases etc. and colourful,
sculptural, ceramics)
Bridget Arnold
(Smoke fired and hand built pottery with her own unique style of
decorating with resists)
Gilda Westermann
(simple fine white porcelain objects and vessels)
Pauline Zelinski
(White earthenware clay with underglaze colours applied through hand
painting built up in layers of colour)

The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen

On site there is a brief slide show gallery of work by other members.
Members with personal sites:
John and Jude Jelfs
(Studio pottery, made using a blend of West Country clays and glaze
Ray Finch
(Traditional range of salt-glazed and wood-fired domestic studio pottery)

Somerset Guild of Craftsmen

Members with personal sites:
John Harlow
(Strongly designed traditional functional pots in high fired reduction
glazed stoneware);
Sue Masters (Animal figurals a specialty, glazed or smoke fired);

The Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen

Five links to local pages for ceramic artists and potters - one each in
"North", "South", "East", and "West", plus a personal link in "Members" to:
Blake & Janette Mackinnon
(Excellent ceramic jewellery, including lustre glazed pure white or
black alumina);
Michele Marwood
(Glazed Kitchen Tiles and terracotta garden tile installations)
Bridget Drakeford

(Elegant and functional shapes, glazes are often complemented by surface
decoration or metallic lustre trim)
Ineke Stevenson and Stephanie Redfern (Hanbury, Worcestershire)
(Redfern's hand thrown pots and figural pieces are decorated with
coloured slips and oxides, on-glaze enamels and lustres. Stevenson's
wheel thrown work is decorative, not to be used with food. Glaze colour
can vary from deep blue to purple and from turquoise to green.)
Tony and Sue Davies
(Decorated earthenware pottery for the house, kitchen conservatory and

Glossary: lustre (UK) = luster (US)

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