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looted ancient vase is returned to iraq museum

updated sat 14 jun 03


ELN/fgaydos on fri 13 jun 03

Posted on Fri, Jun. 13, 2003 =20

Fellow Clayarters,
More good news continues to come out of the Iraq Museum.

Looted ancient vase is returned to Iraq museum

By Hamza Hendawi
Associated Press

BAGHDAD - The Vase of Warka - one of the most valuable artifacts of the =
Iraqi National Museum, feared lost forever - was returned =
unceremoniously yesterday in the trunk of a car.

The 5,000-year-old white limestone vase, the world's oldest carved-stone =
ritual vessel, was handed over with other looted items, U.S.-led forces =
said in a statement. Three men gave the pieces to security staff at the =
central Baghdad museum, a gesture that could reassure archaeologists =
worried about Iraq's ancient treasures.

"This is one of the most important pieces from the Baghdad museum, and I =
am delighted it has been returned. It is reason for people all around =
the world to celebrate," said Pietro Cordone, senior adviser on culture =
for the Coalition Provisional Authority, the formal name of the =
occupation forces.

Frank Gaydos

"Made by hand, the craft object bears the fingerprints, real or =
metaphorical, of the person who fashioned it."
-Octavio Paz, Mexican poet =20