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rutile slip in cm

updated mon 16 jun 03


Burness Speakman on sat 14 jun 03

I saw a comely Rutile Slip recipe in CM.

RIO 10
Dark Rutile 30
Gerstly Borate 70

It was on the Geil Kiln advertizement. I assume it is for high firing.
But, does anyone have a thought on how low a temperature it might work?


Alisa Clausen on sun 15 jun 03

Dear B,
The Titanium in Rutile is refractory but with all that G.B, I would think it
be be all right at 1220c. The others can tell you but I would just try it
in your tests. Even if you are told that it is fine, it is a good idea to
test a small batch anyway to see your result.

I recently fired a rutile slip of this recipe at 1220c:
15 Custerspar
65 OM4
20 Flint
20 Rutile

which was posted on the list.

It was very pale in color, with a taint of orange.

I do not remember the details of what this slip could show as, so maybe
someone else can add.

I will mix the CM one and see how it does in the kiln today I am firing. I
like irony slips.

regards from Alisa in Denmark