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nceca roommates wood firing together

updated tue 17 jun 03


Charles and Linda Riggs on mon 16 jun 03

Hi all,

We had a wood firing this weekend here in the uninhabited part of Moore
County, NC.

What struck me as we were candling was that three NCECA roommates (Kathy
Steinsberger, Bobbie Thomas, Linda Riggs) were together again and this
time, firing a wood kiln. Life is good! The only down side was that our
4th roommate Diana Pancioli wasn't there. We had such a fun time during
our time together at NCECA and it was so great to be just the three of
us for several hours powering up the fire monster.

The firing took 24 hours--but we had lot's of help with other friends
and kiln partners coming in at scheduled intervals. The two-chambered
climbing kiln fired like a dream. We had to hold her back to soak at
cone 10 in chamber one and also had to hold her back to keep from going
too fast on the second salt chamber.

Thanks Kathy for be a great kiln master. I'll fire with you telling me
what to do anytime.