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surfing with helen bates - canadian galleries and shows june 16 - 2003

updated tue 17 jun 03


Helen Bates on mon 16 jun 03

This is just a sample of what's online from Canadian crafts
organizations and galleries:

The Alberta Craft Council
Check out the links for these "Exhibits" links:
"Cover Stories":
Tony Bloom; Bradley Keys; Karen MacMillan Amies; Shirley Rimer; Carol &
Richard Selfridge; Linda Stanier;
"Go Figure":
E. Ross Bradley; Greg Payce; Shirley Rimer; Pamela Cross Rodger; Carol
& Richard Selfridge; Don Wells;
"The Mystery of Mastery"
Arne Handley; Richard & Carol Selfridge; Sam Uhlick; Don Wells;
Arne Handley; Pamela Rodger; Sam Uhlick; (This show includes artist
A few more ceramic works can be found at the "Shopping" link:
"Members' Portfolios":
Patti Hartnagel ;
"Crafts Shop":
Sam Uhlick; Andrew Tarran; John Chalk; Bibi Clements; Mary Ursuliak;
Horst Doll;

Assiniboia Gallery (Regina, SK, Canada)
Jordan Van Sewell ( Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, Sk, Canada)

Cara Gay Driscoll Artwork Presented by Assiniboia Gallery, Regina


Canadian Guild of Crafts
Truus Chapman; Peter Gudrunas; Anne Marie Burrows; Eva F. Reichman;
Harlan House; Goyer Bonneau; Pauline Pelletier; Russell Brown; Eva F.
Reichman; Ed Roman; Gary King;

Kelowna Clay Art Festival (Kelowna, BC)

The second biennial Kelowna Clay Festival in Kelowna, British Columbia -
Aug. 22 to 26, 2003
Sponsored by the Okanagan Potters Association
Demonstration presenters:
Randy Brodnax(USA); Don Ellis(USA); Cathi Jefferson(Can); Les
Manning(Can); David Roberts(GB); Marcia Selsor(USA)
Hands-on workshop presenters: (waiting list)
David Roberts(GB); Marcia Selsor(USA)
and more...

Handworks NB Craft and Fine Arts (Saint John, NB)
Pottery: Tom Smith, Tim Isaac and Karin Bach,
Darren Emeneau (MNO Pottery) (has personal web site:
Joe Cernan Jr., David Eastwood, Peter Powning, Wendy Johnston, Leslie
Johnson, Chris Colwell, Marilyn Farrell, Ghita Levin, Helen Stanley,
Peter Thomas, Yakuri Hazama Iverson, Sandra Rhodda, Judy Blake,
Rachael Morouney.

Joie de Vivre (NB)

Judy Blake;
Margaret Ann Capper; Yukari Hazama Iverson; Kim Kirkpatrick; Maja
Padrov; Tim Isaac and Karin Bach;
Don't miss the studio visit with Yukari Hazama Iverson - "The Process of
Making (slab moulded) Plates":

Portfolio Gallery Fine Art (Vancouver, BC)

Bill Boyd; Rachelle Chinnery; Walter Dexter; Mary Fox; Simon Ho; Jeannie
Mah; Angela Montanti; Wayne Ngan; Laurie Rolland; Laura Wee Lay Laq

Square Feet Artists Resource, Toronto

On-line Resource for Artists, Collectives, and Arts Organizations
Looking to Rent or Buy workspace

Stephen Lowe Art Gallery

Bill Boyd; Judi Dyelle; Robin Hopper; Gordon Hutchens; Cathi Jefferson;

Glossary: Mould (UK) = Mold (US)


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