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axner/wood thrush

updated wed 18 jun 03


Joyce Lee on tue 17 jun 03

As Veena said, this is no reflection on Antoinette.
I empathize with her concerns.=20

However, I have
had such great experiences with Axner that I
must chime in with my very personal appreciation
of their kindnesses and patience when I've
ordered from them. I normally don't since they're
maybe 3,000 miles away ... but when I have, my
supplies have been of great significance to me ....
and they've always been professional and...... again.....

I began reading Clayart before I had tools or a
studio ..... had never considered Being a potter....
simply wanted to learn about pots so I could
knowledgeably Buy Pots. I was ensnared almost
immediately ... found a tutor.... signed up for
a community college class ... used their
catalogs to order .... in my newbie zeal I
ordered everything I thought I might possibly
be able to use in order to produce Magnificent Pots
by myself in My Own Garage .. actually, the
corner of the woodshop that the car didn't
have dibs on. =20

When I early on thought I Had to Have one of
those machines where one can reproduce one's
Magnificent Pot by the hundreds, nay thousands...
I called Axner ... got the No Nonsense guy who
softened up a bit, asked a few questions, and
gently suggested that maybe I wasn't quite
ready for such ..... and that when I was ready, I
might not want to reproduce so many pots just
alike ... that it would take time and experience
to know. He was right. Cost him thousands (I
think) of dollars, but he was right. Couple of
years later, I went through the same throes of
Must Have Its ... called Axner..... a female
suggested the same caution in making such a
costly purchase...... sent me a tape about
the equipment .... and, as
she suggested, I watched it several times .....
got past the Must Have Its ... and am glad that
I did.......................... this time I think forever.

I've also dealt with Bailey, Laguna, Geil Kilns,
Aardvark and Seattle Clay Co. I don't know....
maybe it's my advanced age and willingness to
accept personality differences and styles in order
to get what I want ... lots of practice there before
I ever let the clay move through my fingers..... but
they've all been helpful, efficient and personal
in their treatments of this customer.

I did have a bad experience with another company.....
very poor service and attitude on their part....=20
when I finally got the attention of the company's
president ..... they took care of the matter to my
satisfaction. =20

In the Mojave where I received a call from a
birder-friend who spotted a wood thrush of a sort
that has never been spotted this far west. It's
been hanging around for days ... cars arriving full
of birders from the Bay area (San Francisco) and
many points east, north and south.... she and they
are so excited, it's infectious. Now I ask you,
how interesting can life be??? Just out admiring
the desert botanical garden at the community
college she was..... when lo and behold a little
ol' brown bird changed her life .... for this week,
anyhow. Sort of like finding a little ol' round
brown pot at a garage sale .. buy it because it's
a quarter, will hold pencils (really need another
pencil holder!), and has something about it=20
that's appealing..... only to discover that it's
from a famous potter .... famed for this very
kind of pot........