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surfing with helen bates - europe surfing - june 2003

updated fri 20 jun 03


Helen Bates on thu 19 jun 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - Europe surfing - June 2003

Hello again, here are some sites from recent surfing in "Europe":

The Agency of Czech Ceramic Design (Agentura =E8esk=E9ho keramick=E9ho d=
(Or without accents: Agentura eeskeho keramickeho designu)
(Czech and English pages)
The Agency of Czech Ceramic Design organizes annual group, invitational,=20
and solo exhibitions of the works of Czech ceramic artists, as well as=20
international exhibitions of ceramic art, at home and abroad. It also=20
maintains a gallery for the exhibition of works by prominent Czech=20
artists, and an international ceramic studio which hosts international=20
symposia and runs its own artists in residence programme. The agency=20
has a growing permanent collection of contemporary art on display to the=20
general public throughout the year. Virtually all work shown is=20
sculptural in nature. Links:
"Virtual Shop" (gallery) - mostly Czech Artists:
Edita Devinska; Hana Exnarova; Marijke Gemessy (Holland); Heidi Preuss=20
Grew (U.S.A.); Elzbieta Grosseova; Jiri Hlusicka; Bob Jakes; Miroslav=20
Jakubcik; Ivan Jelinek; Petr Jedlicka; Stanislava Kavanova; Anna=20
Klimesova; Pavel Knapek; Alexandra Kolackova; Ludmila Kovarikova; Jana=20
Krejzova; Jiri Lastovicka; Helena Loudova; Hana Lstiburkova; Zdenek=20
Manina; Irena Maresova; Stanislav Martinec; Karel Nepras; Veronika=20
Oleriny; Miroslav Oliva; Vladimir Oravec (Slovakia); Miroslav Paral;=20
Barbora Podmolova; Magdalena Smela; Vaclav Serak; Jana Slechtova; Jiri=20
Spis; Ladislav Svarc; Jindra Vikova; Ales Werner; Jitka Wernerova;=20
Dalibor Worm; Bohumil Zemanek;
"Agency Collection" - collection of works of international artists -=20
artists with work shown:
Baldwin Douglas (USA); Arias de Borgman (Mexico); Paul A. McCoy (USA);=20
Jan Drzewiecki (Poland); Betty Engholm(Denmark); Ludek Fabera (Czech=20
Republic); Helena Fingerova-Hlusickova (Czech Republic); Michael Flynn=20
(Great Britain); Rudolf Mayer-Freiwaldau (Germany); Wladyslaw Garnik=20
(Poland); Heidi Preuss Grew (U.S.A.); Peter Hantson (Belgium); Renate=20
Hahn (Germany); Catrin Howell (Great Britain); Anna Klimesova (Czech=20
Republic); Dagmar Kolumkova (Czech Republic); Jiri Lastovicka (Czech=20
Republic); Les Lawrence (U.S.A.); Rudolf Malacky (Slovakia); Steve=20
Mattison (Great Britain); Tineke Meijer (South Africa); Marta Nagy=20
(Hungarian); Gabriel Patrick Oble (Ivory Coast); Robert Rustermier=20
(U.S.A.); Ivan Sagac (Czech Republic); Brad Schwieger (U.S.A.); Jana=20
Slechtova (Czech Republic); Joanna Teper (Poland); Jindra Vikova(Czech=20
Republic); Nick de Vries (U.S.A.); Gorgette Zirbes (U.S.A.)

Miroslav Paral (Czechoslovakia)
(English version)

Karin Eriksson Karin design (Sweden)
(English version)
Functional ceramics

Argiles et Ceramiques Solargil (Solargil Clays and Ceramics)=20
(Moutiers-en-Puisaye, France)
French stoneware bodies and Spanish earthenware clays, plus equipment,=20
news of users of Solargil clays, etc.

Margherita Piccardo (Italy)

Ceramic Sculpture - click "immagini" for pictures

Falko B=E4renwald (Jena, Germany)

Ceramic Sculpture - Click "Start", click "Der Plastiker"

Use or the translation facility at=20
Google to translate sites where desired. (There are other translators=20
that I have mentioned, and you can also try Intertran=20
, which has more languages, for=20
any languages not included in the first two. (But remember, machines=20
give only an approximate translation, sometimes not even close,=20
occasionally giving the opposite meaning to what is required!)


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