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updated sat 21 jun 03


Lily Krakowski on thu 19 jun 03

These things are called French Butter Dishes. Essentially you throw
something like an egg cup for an ostrich egg, whose base/saucer is inverted
into a pot--generally straight sided. Yes? Oui? When sitting side by side,
you have an egg cup form, with a wide saucer base; or perhaps a candlestick
form for a very fat, tallish candle--maybe 3" x 2". And you have a straight
sided potI should tdhink three inches or so wider than the eggcup part, for
which the first pot, INVERTED, serves as a lid. Important: the eggcup must
clear the bottom of the water container otherwise the butter will stick to
the bottom, and when you pull it out it goes ploof (like a popping cork) and
you get ice water all over the double-damask.

Have no idea if this deters smells. I do not use the one I have as a
rule,. but they ARE swell for picnics--they do keep the butter from turning
to instant ghee....

Long thread on these short while ago....

Katheleen Nez writes:

> I have a friend who has asked me to make a Butter "Bowl". The way he describes it, you need to throw a bowl shape for the bottom - this is where you put water. Then you make a domed lid which is what you squish the soft butter up into. ...

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