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c-op/guild questions

updated sat 21 jun 03


stacey ballard on thu 19 jun 03

Thank you all for your patients with all of my questions, I am the only one at Ceramic Artists of Tahoe that is connected to clayart. My questions are...(please excuse me if you have answered these before, but I have been printing out all of the return messages and these are questions the other board members would like me to ask)...let me first say, also, that we are desperately seeking an attorney, but our funds are becoming limited and we haven't found anyone to do it pro bono.

1. How is your co-op/guild structured (ex. LLC or non-profit)?
2. What kind of protection do the owners/partners/board have?
3. What kind of liability insurance do you have?

Again, thank you SO much for all of your help...
Stacey Ballard
Ceramic Artists of Tahoe

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